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Gilead is inspired by the work that our grantees do to improve access and eliminate barriers to healthcare, advance education among patients and healthcare professionals, and help build strong local communities. Gilead supports projects across all of our therapeutic areas — HIV/AIDS, liver diseases, hematology and oncology, inflammatory and respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular conditions.


    Continual advances in medical research mean millions of people with HIV are living longer, more fulfilling lives today. But HIV continues to have a devastating impact, especially on people who belong to underserved communities and who lack access to medical care. Gilead supports organizations working to help individuals learn their status and get the care they need. We also support organizations looking to solve the challenges of tomorrow, including how to:

    • Understand the impact HIV has on an aging population
    • Ensure continuity and retention in care
    • Spark appreciation for innovative thinking in HIV treatment
    • Identify and create a new generation of advocates
  • HIV Cure

    Gilead works to address the HIV epidemic by discovering transformative and life-saving medicines, developing simplified treatment regimens that increase efficacy, expanding access to treatment for those who need it most and building communities among people affected by HIV and AIDS. Continuing on this commitment, Gilead will partner with and support institutions, community groups and organizations that are engaged in HIV cure activities by providing grant funding.

  • HIV Prevention

    More tools than ever are now available to help prevent HIV infection.  Yet about 50,000 new cases of HIV are still reported in the U.S. each year.  Gilead supports the efforts of community-based organizations, public health entities and similar nonprofit organizations to educate their constituents about comprehensive HIV prevention, including the role of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).  Specifically, Gilead supports programs designed to:
      • Provide comprehensive education on the range of prevention options and strategies available
      • Ensure biomedical prevention plans, such as PrEP, are implemented safely and effectively in accordance with recommended guidelines
      • Engage communities and individuals at highest risk for HIV infection in prevention efforts
  • Liver Diseases

    Hepatitis C kills more people in the U.S. than HIV does each year, yet public awareness of this disease remains limited because of its disproportionate impact on drug users, ethnic minorities and other at-risk groups. Gilead is working to change this by funding organizations that raise awareness of the importance of testing and access to care among these groups, as well as those that:

    • Look for ways to increase treatment capacity and sustainability
    • Move patients down the care pathway from screening to cure
    • Eliminate intrinsic barriers to care and treatment

    Gilead is proud to support the Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation (VACF), a grantee that has done tremendous work to eradicate HCV and HBV among the 300,000-plus Vietnamese-Americans living in Southern California. Its unique outreach programs, including a weekly radio show and in-person seminars with volunteer physicians, are helping Vietnamese-Americans overcome the stigma that has led to alarmingly high HCV rates within their communities.

  • Hematology and Oncology

    Most adults in the U.S. have met or have known at least one cancer victim or survivor. Cancer remains one of the greatest health challenges we face, especially as the population ages. While there is no cure yet, education and awareness are powerful tools for detecting and treating the disease, and Gilead supports organizations that work to:

    • Improve patients’ health literacy, enabling them to make informed health decisions
    • Educate healthcare providers on identification, screening and diagnosis
    • Improve access to treatment by overcoming financial and other obstacles

    Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) applies its Gilead grant to a variety of marketing and outreach activities that educate patients and caregivers with disease-specific information and updates on treatment options and clinical trials, culminating in more than 120 educational programs annually that reach nearly 600,000 people online and offline.

  • Inflammatory and Respiratory Diseases

    From cystic fibrosis (CF) to influenza, inflammatory and respiratory diseases have a substantial impact on people of every age, gender, ethnic group and economic class. Gilead funds organizations that work in this therapeutic area to:

    • Improve patients’ health literacy, enabling them to make informed health decisions
    • Educate healthcare providers on identification, screening and diagnosis
    • Improve access to treatment by overcoming financial and other obstacles

    After one life-changing trip halfway around the world, Brian Callanan established the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation (CFLF) to share his new, more holistic approach to fighting the effects of the disease with other CF sufferers. CFLF uses a Gilead grant to provide its own grants to CF patients across the country, enabling them to manage their illness by pursuing their favorite physical activities.

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