We’re supporting projects that tackle HIV/AIDS in Asia

Thank you for your interest in the Gilead Asia Rainbow Grant. We are eager to support projects that engage young adults and communities affected by HIV/AIDS. Gilead believes the best programs break-down barriers faced by people living with HIV (PLWH) and those groups marginalized by society. We also want to sustain projects that focus on leveraging the power of partnerships to drive progress toward sustainable programs that help to build strong communities.

There are three types of HIV/AIDS-related communities we are particularly eager to support:

Focus 1: Digital Communities
Gilead’s Digital Communities grants will focus on HIV/AIDS campaigns and projects using social media, digital apps or digital content given that digital communication is highly evolved across Asia.

Grant proposals under digital communities can include support and education campaigns and communication projects that aim to promote and empower both PLWH and those communities disparately impacted, including those who inject drugs, men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender and sex workers.

Focus 2: Friendly Communities
Gilead’s Friendly Communities grants are intended for campaigns focused on awareness; education and tackling stigma given that discrimination, bullying and social alienation remains a common feature of daily life for many PLWH.

Sample grants under this focus area include cultural awareness and competency, as well as capacity-building trainings.

Focus 3: Youth Communities
Gilead’s Youth Communities grants are focused on projects directly targeting teenagers as well as their friends and families, schools and teachers due to the increasing number of cases in Asia among this age group.

Potential proposals could focus on voluntary counselling and testing, community engagement campaigns, and social and behavioural change campaigns.

Key Dates and Program Specifics:

The deadline for interested parties to submit their proposals is Sunday, 21 October at 11:59PM Hong Kong Standard Time.

All grant proposals must be submitted online through the Gilead Grant portal. Please contact Gilead at [email protected] to receive the Request for Proposal (RFP) document as well as further instructions on the submission process specific to your country.

Applicants should make use of the downloadable Terms & Conditions (T&C) as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) available in the sidebar when developing their proposals.

At Gilead we are inspired by the opportunity to address unmet medical needs for patients living with life-threatening diseases around the world.

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